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MIP414 MIP414S Liquid Crystal Power Chip

Purchase information

① We are overseas shipping, shipping time: 23 days after the normal subscript, 1215 days can be received, such as special circumstances will be notified.

② All the products are shot in kind. Please don't worry about the quality and quality of the products. It's hard to avoid the color difference due to the display or lighting. If you care about it, please ask clearly before you buy it. You will check carefully before shipment. The thread is not defective! Quick delivery within 36 hours, 1215 days waiting time in case of shortage.

③ The payment time of order prompt is not the pickup time. Please take the received SMS as the pickup time. Remember to take the logistics update and SMS as the standard.

④ Be careful to be blacklisted: please don't abandon the order or bid at will and then cancel the order or don't pick up the goods after cod. This buyer will automatically join the blacklist. In the future, he will not be able to buy the goods in this store. Before subscribing, he will consider subscribing again. Those who have changed more than three times will also add the blacklist. Please be informed.

⑤ If there is any problem with the product, please don't use the following fivestar evaluation to communicate. We will inform you within three days and deal with it in time. Any aftersales problem can also contact us

Finally, I wish you a happy shopping ~ thank you
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