Kem BB che khuyết điểm kiểm soát dầu trang điểm tự nhiên

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thứ sáu 20/08/2021 lúc 04:09 SA

👉We have long been involved in the official shrimp reduction activities, and a large amount of platform diskount coupons and shop diskount coupons are combined to use more favorable terms (limited number of platform coupons on a first-come first-served basis)

👉Please make sure that you will take the subscript and not take it after bid, and that the goods will not be returned. the seller will bear the loss

✨Diskount promotion, good quality and low price✨

✨Highlights of the product:
- moist stickers
- strong concealer
- waterproof antiperspirant

✨Brand: image beauty
✨Product name: moist soft beauty cream
✨Effect: delicate powder, natural paste, smooth smooth, a wipe of moist, presenting tender nude makeup, covering blemish in acne printing
✨Net content: 30g
✨Validity: 3 years
✨Color: natural/30g, ivory/30g

✨Category: bb cream
Xiaomei Health & Beauty, Cửa hàng trực tuyến | SaleOff247

Xiaomei Health & Beauty

Tham gia: 18-01-2021

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